The Sea is Scarlet Red

The sea is scarlet red

not the colour you would expect.

If you don’t look closely you can overlook the colour it truly blooms.

But yes, the sea is scarlet red.

Lately I haven’t understood why the moon betrays me so,

as I am hers

and she is mine.

White plains now destroyed as the stains sink into cloth.

For my love has now plunged a screaming dagger into my bloom.


My heart is midnight blue

for the flowers have died within.

The moon had grown so selfish and did not allow the sun to nourish.

So death has filled my carcass.

Now the mother has betrayed me and let crimson fill my eyes,

as the desert has consumed my flourish.

My insides long for the water that comes from the stream of eternal life

because my body has run dry.


My womb is charcoal black

for the wildfire destroyed the trees.

Now I am a failed greenhouse,

and nothing can bloom inside.

My ears are what betrayed me,

For the lamb in the east called out as its mother died.

But I am still your mother

waiting here to give my love on the other side.


My stomach is wenge brown

as so is the colour that spills from the bottom of a freshly emptied bin.

I am not even filled with garbage

because inside I cannot be so full.

I feel betrayed by my dear lover.

As they did not notice my distant stare.

I am sinful for this neglect

that we both hold in our hands together.


This mucus is flaxen yellow

for the bumblebee was crushed,

grounded into cocaine murder

and pushed upon both of us.

I was betrayed by the midwife,

as she neglected her herd.

But everything is now worthless

as the wolf has slaughtered the happy bleat that echoed in the stars.


The skies are vexed plum purple

because our veins cannot take the surge.

Stricken is our virtue

as lighting zaps through my mind.

Zeus once did betray me,

when he sent me this kiss in thunder.

For love completely filled me,

only to bring tornadoes that twisted rope about gentle throats.


The maiden in the meadow her bush drips raspberry red

she thrashes her naked body as her voice screams words of sorrow.

This maiden wraps her body in vines from the rose bush,

so she remembers the torture that was pushed upon that little honeybee.

The maze of life betrayed me.

Because I followed the road so true.

But yet the sharp hedges grew to block my path,

And left the maiden starved of food and dried up her peach kissed skin.


My scalp is thunderstone grey

because once flowed the dark rivers of wonder,

though now the stream is empty,

And in its place are baled boulders.

I know my scissors betrayed me

as I cut and hacked and cried.

They only tried to do the job I gave them

but they only made it clear the disgrace I had become.


Now our bodies are moss green

as the worms and maggots come.

We offer no more beauty

as nature is such an ugly thing.

For my body is what betrayed us,

and my womb betrayed you so.

Because cancer sat down for dinner and surged all of our vessels.

So now the sea is scarlet red because the sailor took his fist and plunged you from my womb.


Then shortly after I followed darling so I can see you on the other side.



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