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I'm just trying to share a little love and make the world a better place! <3

How to make old clothes new!

I admit I am no stranger to the calls of consumerism and often find myself longing to buy something new. The difference is before I find myself buying new clothing I stop and think what I could do with the clothes that I already own. I’ve been holding on to an old bag of clothes…

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Pretty much my whole life

Pretty much my whole life I’ve grown up being open to the idea of not eating meat. Growing up people around me had been vegetarians and later vegans. So I’ve always sort of seen this truth and way of living as something very easy to understand. You know, up until recently I never really had…

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The time is NOW

Up until recently, I have been vegan but not active, and by active I mean I have not been using my voice to provoke change. The thing is, adopting a vegan diet can go a long way in the means of reducing animal suffering and environmental impact, and I strongly urge we all do so. …

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Avocado’s vegan or no?

I have typically enjoyed the odd avocado here and there over my life time and I admit the modern craze for these things may be a little overrated. They’re great seasoned and of course contain essential nutrients, perfect for the vegan diet; but can they really be classified as Vegan? I found an article not long ago on Facebook stating that avocados are running out and that they are technically not vegan. I dismissed it as propaganda but I still could not wipe the article from my mind. This led to me shopping more consciously and…

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Sheffield for the win

At the age of seventeen, my mum moved to the peak district area of Sheffield. A little out the way but a beautiful picturesque area. Whilst I did not live with my mother I visited often. This is when I discovered the wonderful city, Sheffield. Now five years ago veganism was not as widespread as…

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No harm caused

Being a vegan does not mean you have to reject society and move away to a remote location where all the other vegans live as hippies (but that would be great, right?). As a vegan I still wear makeup, style my hair and yes I do use deodorant. So I’ve decided that I’m going to…

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