How to make old clothes new!

I admit I am no stranger to the calls of consumerism and often find myself longing to buy something new. The difference is before I find myself buying new clothing I stop and think what I could do with the clothes that I already own.

I’ve been holding on to an old bag of clothes for a while now, just waiting until the day I am finally ready to put them in that big red recycling bin.  Ive been in one of those moods lately, where i’m growing tired of my old clothes. So I decided to revisit the bag  and see if I had changed my mind on any of the items in there.

Of course I was disappointed when nothing excited me in the bag just as before. Yet I pulled out an old pair of Harem trousers in hope that I might put them on and feel differently. Yet wearing them didn’t change how I felt either so I flung them to the side, defeated.

It wasn’t until a few days later when I found them still flung upon the bed that I remembered one of those life hack videos from instagram where most of the pointers seem to be a load of bullwocky. In this particular video, a girl had taken an old pair of leggings and cut them at the crotch to create a hole for the head. Then turning the leggings upside down she wore it as a crop top. So I looked at my trousers and thought they would work in a similar way.

Snip! a whole in the middle with a few adjustments and I had myself a new fancy top. But not only that I realised this top can be worn in a number of different ways and here I am going to show you how:

The gathered top;


This one is just wearing the top I made plain and simply. You can see the elasticated band at the bottom which once functioned at the top of the trousers to cover the belly. Although, once shaped into a different purpose the elastic waistband still works the same and covers the belly.  I find this top super fun as it is flowy,  has a lot of space and the best thing is, it’s lose around the chest so you can get a way with not wearing a bra!

Off the shoulder;


There’s not so much of a big change to the top here, but this off the shoulder look is one you can do with any large necked clothing. When making this top from an old pair of trousers, you can either decide to cut a slightly bigger hole or leave it smaller so it just sits atop your shoulders.  I decided to make the hole bigger and it works great too. The fabric itself is actually rather warm and cosy so if you’re wanting to wear this top when the suns come out, here is the perfect solution.

The beach dress;


Here’s where things get really interesting. The top can actually be transformed into a beach dress if you simply pull down the elasticated band at the bottom for it to become the bottom half of the dress. I admit it’s a little short, but worn to the beach with perhaps a bikini underneath its the perfect slip to throw on after a cool dip in the ocean!


The crop top;


Here I’ve created this long sleeved hippie crop top. Using the elasticated band pull it up over the rest of the fabric just above the chest. Neatly tuck in the excess fabric and then pull the elasticated band over the chest. The loose material you tucked in previously should be covered up by the elasticated band and again tucked in neatly. And Voila! A lovely crop top for those hot summer days.

Really, the top can be worn in a range of different ways that you decide, but here I have given you just a few ideas to try out yourself. So next time when you’re in search for a new piece of clothing, look to what you already own first. And perhaps they can once again be given new life and become a different piece entirely.


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