The time is NOW

Up until recently, I have been vegan but not active, and by active I mean I have not been using my voice to provoke change. The thing is, adopting a vegan diet can go a long way in the means of reducing animal suffering and environmental impact, and I strongly urge we all do so.  But I’ve come to realise our voices are our most powerful instrument, and we should use them NOW!

We can no longer continue to sit back and relax and hope that people come to see sense and adopt a vegan lifestyle. Animals are suffering, ice caps are melting and thousands of people are going unfed in third world countries so people like us in the western world can continue to grow. But that cannot and should not continue. Like Greta Thunberg said in her speech at the UN climate change, “you only talk about moving forward with the same bad ideas that got us into this mess, even though the only sensible thing is to pull the emergency brake.” People need to understand that veganism is not a belief but a truth, our world is dying and without a mass global change, it might be gone altogether.  Greta further goes on to say that our leaders are too immature to tell it like it is,  which is why we need to take this issue into our hands.

I have come to learn you are never too small to make a difference. Through simply becoming vegan I am making an impact every day and I should spread this message in hope that others will begin to make a difference too.  That’s why I attended my first protest this year,  a protest against bullfighting. People might say you are only one voice but I am only one voice in a growing cry for help, of individual people and together our sound is deafening.

The argument I am presented, that as human being we have sympathy for one another but why should we have it for any other species that are not us? Although, I  wonder what sympathy really means to you because I see people starving to death every day. Is it sympathy to take grain to feed livestock, that can grow crops three times the amount of meat that can be produced? Farming animals is no longer sustainable, how did the lives of the western cultured people become more important than the hundreds that go starving? Is that sympathy for another human being? Yet I find these arguments are coming from a lack of awareness. I can’t get mad, it’s not a daily advertisement that behind our luxuries are others sufferings.

For me, my mind is constantly darting because veganism is not just about one thing. It’s about love and kindness and putting that into every aspect of your life. Making sure you aren’t harming any person or animal so you can live in luxury.  I don’t ask myself what the guidelines of veganism are, I simply look at what I am doing and consider if I can continue to close my eyes to the truths behind my luxuries. And so far, every time I have come across an item that has been made  to either animal, earth, or human I have pressed down on That is why we need to speak up NOW! We are no longer at a time where veganism can be considered an  us suffering, our children’s future


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I'm just trying to share a little love and make the world a better place! <3

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