The Vegan Aisle

I have come to find there are two different opinions when it comes to what vegans eat. People either think vegans starve themselves or else are world-class chefs.

A common opinion is that there is nothing on this earth for a vegan to eat because it’s natural to eat animals and “god” put animals on earth to be eaten.

What is natural about eating meat has been completely ripped away.  People use this word “natural”, to defend meat eaters and to comfort themselves so they can continue to be ignorant. Perhaps at one time, it was natural to eat meat when we were primal and personally fought for our prey. Perhaps it was natural when we needed animal fur to stay warm, and did not have the capability to cultivate land and grow mass amounts of fruit and vegetables.

I ask these people, what is natural about enslaving animals? Closing them off from freedom certainly isn’t. What is natural about mass murder when it is now unnecessary as we have other means of clothing and food?

The very fact that there is unnecessary killing within the meat industry is the very reason it is no longer natural. Did your “God” create factories and hand you weaponry to kill and slaughter everything in your path? Well, let’s not forget that the majority of people will never actually kill an animal. They sit back, kick back, switch on the Tele and chill out whilst feeling completely happy with their huge plate of meat upon their lap. I bet they would not be so happy if they had to kill that animal themselves.

If you believe that eating meat is natural, then get off your arse and go out there and hunt an animal yourself, the way nature intended.

People who think this way are cowards. They are not the lion in its natural habitat, hunting a prey that has the same fighting chances. No, these people are cowards because they lean on man-made machinery and hide away from the true brutalities, then claim it’s human nature. And they are greedy. In no natural habitat will an animal eat meat every single day for every single meal. Humans, on the other hand, eat meat far too often.

The second view people have of vegans is not as negative as the first. People believe vegans are incredible cooks. So much so, they believe they cannot engage the vegan diet as they could never cook complex meals. This is not always the case, and I find myself faced with the question, what do you eat as a vegan? To which I find myself thinking the exact same question; well what do you eat as a meat eater?

The most common response I receive goes as follows,” I go to the shop, pick up some meat in a packet and then cook it.” My response is invariably “Me too, the only difference is the products I buy say vegan and don’t contribute to the destruction of this earth.”

I do not spend hours at home creating meat substitutes from scratch, because I simply do not know how.  My meals are prepared the exact same way any other meat eater would prepare theirs, bought from a supermarket.

My Instagram may appear as if I cook intricate meals, but really I’m just the same as any other person cooking their dinner at home. I am not a cook, I’m a graduate student just trying to open people up to the accessibility of being vegan. Perhaps a few years ago I might have spoken differently about this issue, but living in the age we do, we have easy access to an abundance of easily cooked vegan substitutes.  We are now in an age that even people who prefer a takeaway or ready meal each night can easily find vegan options readily available.

This week, I found myself speaking of this issue a lot, and it came down to the fact that I believe we are far too intelligent to continue to eat meat. It is no longer sustainable and as a highly intelligent species, we now need to look to our future. We are a species that is sentient enough to make the active decision to continue to survive. Meaning the future hangs on the evolution of our species. NOW is the time to take action!


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I'm just trying to share a little love and make the world a better place! <3

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