Recently I have found myself shocked at some peoples blatant disregard for the life of an animal. Last week I and my boyfriend attended a dog walking morning in our local area in hope that we might adopt one of the dogs in their shelter. It was a hard morning, entering into a shelter for the first time in my life to be greeted my restless dogs, screeching and jumping for your attention. The hardest time I found was when I was greeted with a dog that had given up and instead of competing for your attention like all the others, resulted in lying still upon the ground and only giving you a glance as you walk by.

The charity seemed great, their dogs had regular walks and they seemed to be doing all they can to help. We had been linked into a group chat, therefore the shelter would be able to keep us updated on any dogs that are available. Great! Finally, we received a message about a dog ready for adoption. For sake of this article let’s say the dog was called Shelby to keep real names aloof. We had jumped at the opportunity to visit Shelby at the shelter and found ourselves taking her out to the beach that night! She was a scared little thing, holding her ears back and jumping at the first sights of a car. It wasn’t until we got her to the beach that Shelby started to open up and began to trust us a little bit more. She even began to chase sticks we would throw for her. It was so amazing to see her come out of her shell like that.  This being a four-year-old dog which had been in the shelter for two years now.

We had fallen in love with Shelby and had messaged, let’s say, Eleanor, to tell her we wanted to adopt Shelby immediately. Eleanor had been so pleased when she heard the news and even changed the group chat to a picture of Shelby. She told us she would need a copy of our passports and confirmation of work, which we gave immediately. Then began the waiting game as she sent our details off to the shelter in Germany so they could confirm that Shelby was ready for adoption. This had left us with little information as we weren’t entirely sure if Shelby was one hundred percent ours yet.

After waiting a couple of days with no information we messaged to find out more. We asked how long it would take and whether Shelby is definitely our dog. To which we received the response of “do you want to look at another dog?” To which we replied that this was not the case we are just looking for some reassurance that Shelby is definitely ours. This she claimed she could not give as she is waiting for the team in Germany to reply with information.

With being given little to no information we decided to message the shelter ourselves to ask if Shelby is definitely available. A response was sent within the hour stating that Shelby had already been adopted. I then messaged Eleanor to tell her we asked the shelter she is awaiting confirmation from and they have stated she is not available. Eleanor then took a very personal offence to this stating that we have gone behind her back and that it is a real shame. She then proceeded to wish us luck and stated that a shelter further away has some nice dogs.

To this my myself and my boyfriend were left heartbroken, after falling in love with Shelby and having her denied a loving home simply because we messaged the shelter for more information. We assured Eleanor that we still want to offer Shelby a loving home despite the misunderstanding. Eleanor did not reply to this for a couple of days.

She finally replied on Friday asking if we can call after work. To which we replied of course and messaged her later at the suggested time. Although, Eleanor did not reply. Until two and a half hours later saying she was running late. We assured her it was no problem and we are ready when she is. Although she didn’t reply until late at night stating that she has had a long day and will call tomorrow. Although she did not call the next day and now it is two days later and we are still left in the dark.

All I can think of is Shelby spending night after night in that dark cage where she has no one to hold her. I’m not saying this shelter is a bad place, the dogs seemed well cared for to the best of their ability. It’s so tremendously sad that someone with such hatred and the ability to deny a dog a home, for nothing more than personal reasons, is granted such power at a dog charity.

Update:  Eleanor later got back to us to confirm that Shelby is in fact currently going through the adoption process with a family in Germany.  Proving that the information we had been given about Shelby from the shelter was in fact correct, although Eleanor had reassured us that they were in correct in saying Shelby was no longer available. It is saddening that we have had to endure this emotional rollercoaster due to the ill management of Eleanor.

We are now looking in other shelters in hope that we may find our new fur baby!


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