One of those vegan C*nts

I’ve had my fair few of nasty remarks from being a vegan, and I find myself time and time again asking why? I haven’t shoved it in anybody’s face. I haven’t been rude or aggressive towards those who eat meat. I’m just trying to be a kind and loving person to all beings, right?

Ha, well tuff luck Hunny because that’s not how everybody sees it. Personally, I thought our minds were far surpassed the active hatred towards a person for choosing not to eat meat. I get it, you think we hate you for eating meat. Sorry that you’re so concerned with my judgment of you.

It’s funny being called ‘one of those vegan c*nts’ when revealing you are vegan for the first time. I’d like to understand the guidelines one needs to fit within to become one of those ‘vegan c*nts’, oh you mean a caring person that is fighting to make our world a better place? Probably not. By ‘vegan c*nts’ this individual must have been referring to a lifestyle choice, which his puny brain cannot understand. Therefore, his natural animal instincts cause him to hate and fear it.

The funny thing about becoming vegan is that you do not expect to receive any abuse. Particularly, when it comes to your friends who tease and laugh at you for your diet choices. “That vegetable used to be alive so can you eat that?” A question which is followed by laughter which does not seem to end. Hilarious. How can you call these people friends when they mock you for being the person you choose to be? Some people might find it silly, but when you ask a friend not to kill an insect and they crush it in front of you they are hardly considering your feelings or beliefs. Yet the endless teasing continues. Yet if I was to ever tease them for their eating of meat I’d be giving veganism a bad name. Whilst these may be silly jokes amongst friends I’m sure you can understand the frustration when these kind of comments happen consistently.

I remember in my place of work a member of staff had joked that he had put beef drippings in my salad. Something he might find hilarious, but something I am sure would have cost him his job. I never did find out if he really did put beef drippings in my salad, but continued to be teased by him throughout the rest of my time at this workplace.  It all of a sudden becomes a big joke to poison a vegan, but perhaps first you should think about the repercussions this may have on both yours and that person’s life. It would not be one big joke if that individual became vegan due to allergy reasons and next you find yourself with a dead customer on your hands. This was the same workplace that could find no other sense of humor than to mock one of their managers for being vegetarian. You know what I find more hilarious than the vegan/vegetarian diet? Your lack of management skills.

It had gotten to the point in my life where I was so fed up of people chastising me for becoming vegan I began to fear even revealing it in the first place. So at this point, I knew for sure I was not in the category of ‘those vegans that have to tell everybody’. Yet I still found meat eaters time and time again telling me how annoying the vegan community is and claiming ‘you’re not bad, you’re not ONE OF THOSE vegans’. Although I think to myself, why not be ‘ONE OF THOSE’ vegans? One of those vegans who voice their opinion and does not stand down to the arrogance of such people?

The very people complaining about the vegan community voicing their opinion tend to be the kind of meat eaters that LOVE to voice theirs and LOVE to tell vegans why they should eat meat. So if you’re allowed to preach that vegetables have feelings and that it’s natural to eat meat, surely you should leave vegans alone and allow us to continue to spread our peaceful and loving message to the world; and next time, before you open your mouth, maybe you should consider that you yourself might just be one of those meat-eating CUNTS.


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I'm just trying to share a little love and make the world a better place! <3

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