Fashion is now my passion

I would never consider myself a fashionista. Although in recent years I have found that fashion has become part of my passion as I seek to find ethical clothing.  Whilst England may be full of vintage stores and charity shops it’s a lot more difficult living in Spain where charity shops are few and far between.

So I decided to do my research. I started with one thing in mind, that although I want ethical clothing I do not want to pay extortionate prices. I had previously shopped on Ebay in the Uk. Although it is a little difficult here, particularly because I do not speak Spanish in order to use and I find the items sold are, for some reason, just not as good quality as those I can find on the Uk Ebay. So of course I checked if certain items on the uk ebay could ship to Spain, but I found the postage prices to be sky-high.

So I thought to myself perhaps I am just going to have to shop new.  Whilst I’m sure there are many shops out there that ship to Spain and are ethically sourced I find the few I came across unfortunately just cost too much money.  So I decided to turn to Looking into the Asos values I found that Asos aim to be completely transparent with their customers, so we can be comfortable in knowing that Asos are working towards minimising the negative effects of the fashion industry on people, animals and the environment.  Asos even have a code of integrity which outlines their company’s key beliefs, stating that they believe they should “do the right thing.” And that’s just that, Asos really do try to do the right thing in every way possible.

Asos promote body positivity and individuality with a wide range of models that come in different shapes and sizes. Not only that but Asos are out their to help our new and upcoming artists, to invest in you. Holding competitions which search for “entrepreneurial young brands of the future.”  in 2017 Asos developed a world leading Ethical Trade Strategy which set out to pay their workers fair wages, reduce healthy and safety risks and putting a stop to child labour.

Asos believe in growing their company in a sustainable way. Always looking for new ways to drive sustainability forward. When it comes to their products Asos has strict guidelines to ensure animals do not suffer. They even produce their own animal-free products.

The Asos Foundation was set up to enable people to have access to the same opportunities and they have been working with charity partners to make a sustainable long-term change in countries all over the world.

Now let me talk about my own experiences with Asos. I have found and still find that Asos really do care about their customers, offering them bonus’ with VIP status. £10 for a year of free delivery. Wow, I didn’t think it could get any better. When it comes to delivery issues Asos are great with communication and you will never miss a package if you’re not around because Asos will simply just re-deliver for you.

So I decided to give Asos a go, without much hope that they would deliver to spain and even if they did the shipping costs would be sky-high. Although this was not the case. Asos do ship to Spain and as I have previously stated in other articles the conditions are extremely reasonable. Spend £18 for free delivery or you can pay £20 for free delivery all year. I think I’ve hit the jackpot with this one.

Asos alerted me every step of the way to were my package was, all be it in Spanish which was difficult for me to understand, but I got the gist of it.  It may not be recycled clothing but with Asos working towards a brighter future it’s one of the better companies to choose when you find yourself at a loss of where to buy that backpack you needed so desperately for work or the clothes basket you needed for your new home.


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