Environmental Veganism

If there are people out there claiming that veganism has gone too far, what will they think when they hear the term environmental veganism? The typical thought on veganism for those who do not understand it is that we become vegans for the simple fact we do not want to eat animals; And of course that is true. Although veganism is so much more than that.

I became vegetarian eight years ago. I had gradually began to cut out meat products because the thought of eating flesh would make me feel sick. Finding a bit of grizzle in my sausages or brown meat in my fish. Yuk. By the time I reached fourteen the only meat I ate was chicken. I had decided to give up chicken for lent which I found to be rather easy.  After this period without chicken I decided to give up meat all together. From here my understanding of vegetarianism only grew as I turned cruelty free with my cosmetics and later household cleaning products.

It was a year and two months ago when I finally decided to become vegan. My reasoning to become vegan originally stemmed from the mistreatment of dairy cows, which I am sure you are all aware. My vegan lifestyle slowly creeped it’s way into many other aspects of my life as I learnt more about the meat industry.

I began to research the negative effects that meat based industries are having on our earth. This is when my veganism became not only about the wellbeing of our animals, but our earth too. My want to protect our earth grew as I became aware of the high carbon footprint of many companies out their. I began my journey by switching to secondhand with my clothing, mostly shopping at charity shops. I then decided to cut out plastic bottles that are damaging our oceans marine life. This aspect slowly crept into other parts of my life until I found mostly all my kitchen utensils were glass, wooden and in some way sustainable.

I cannot claim to be a perfect vegan and I admit from time to time I still find myself with a shopping bag full with plastic to recycle; but I’m trying. As are all you vegans out there. There’s no such thing as perfect, we’re just trying to chip in and do our best to help.




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I'm just trying to share a little love and make the world a better place! <3

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