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If moving to a different country is not hard enough, moving to a country where Veganism is not largely accepted or explored can be even more challenging. As the time drew near I approached my moving date with Angst and concern as to what I will eat once I have started my life in Spain. Having previously been on holiday to various places in Spain my attempts to find vegan food had come up dry.  Therefore, I had prepared myself to become more willing to cook meals that only contain vegetables without a meat substitute. This being something I found rather disappointing and even went to lengths to ask my family and friends if we could ship vegan treats from England.

Having arrived in spain and spending my first night having a meal in my now local town, I was met with disappointment as I found little to no vegan options on the menu. From my first impression I was not filled with much hope. It was not until the second day until I crossed the border to Gibraltar where my boyfriend and I shall be working. I was suprised to find Gibraltar had a lot of English shops. I had not put much thought into the fact that this would be the case being in Uk territory.

The first shop I found was Holland and Barret, here I have access to all the vitamins I need as a vegan. Although they do not stock the frozen vegan section found in England they do however stock vegan chocolate, and of course my favourite the Vego chocolate bar.  I was in luck as close by I stumbled upon Marks and Spencers where I found all the cruelty free bath supplies I would need. The only let down was discovering they do not sell Marks and Spencers cruelty free makeup brand.

I finally hit the jackpot when I discovered Morrisons. Although, I still held doubt that they would stock a vegan range. As I entered Morrisons I rushed to the freezer section to find a full Vegan range, stocked with all the products sold over in England. I was so amazed I actually cried. Yes, cried, what a sap? My Luck with vegan food only got better as I found a local Spanish store, Mercadona. A well-known Spanish supermarket. I had visited Mercodona only to buy some household essentials  but was met with surprise to find seitan burgers and steaks on offer. Wow, I was shocked to find such great vegan products in a Spanish store and it only gets better from here. I later found a Spanish store called Eroski right on the border of Gibraltar and there they stocked an enormous vegan range. This was much to my delight being so close to my home.  Amazing, Spain you ain’t that bad.  The locals clearly support the vegan lifestyle with signs like this being found on the beach!go vegan

After finding all the vegan food I could possibly need I turned my attention to household products, which is when I found this article Cruelty free cosmetics, which directed me to Olokuti; an online store which sells a range of ethical products from household goods to food products. Here I bought myself some biodegradable bin liners, paper sandwich bags and other helpful items I use around the house.

I had been wowed by the range of vegan products on offer within Spain and Gibraltar but I was not yet completely satisfied. I had been previously been disappointed with Marks and Spencers and still had not managed to find a store which stocked Vegan makeup. In despair I turned to the internet but only found that most Vegan Spanish cosmetic shops  only stocked bath soaps and oils.  I decided to look at the range of makeup Morrisons had to offer online to find they stock a brand called Green People Organic which is cruelty free certified. Unfortunately not all their products are vegan due to some containing Lanolin and for those of you who avoid bee products, beeswax. I am yet to check if Morrisons in Gibraltar stock any of their vegan makeup products. Fingers crossed.

With not much luck here I decided to check if Asos ship internationally and to my luck they did, with extremely reasonable conditions of free shipping when spending over eighteen pounds. Wow what a steal.  Asos stock a wide range of vegan makeup and even one of my personal faves, Barry M. Great, so a bulk buy of reasonably priced products to the sum of eighteen pounds got me all the makeup I need; with the cherry on the top of free delivery. Looks like I’m all set, mostly. Not bad for my first week in. I’ll keep you posted when I know more.




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  1. Hi. love your article! I find found the same problem when i holiday in spain. But the great thing is that there are an abundance of fresh produce markets EVERYWHERE. Fruit and vegetables as far as the eye can see 😛 so yeah, i also ended up cooking my own meals too which was great. (: Tim (


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